Guide to Feminising Hormones

Hi, Doctor Temperli here. I have received several emails from people confused by the seemingly countless female hormone medication on the Medica International Pharmaceuticals site so I thought I would try and simplify them into groups & methods of applicationwith a brief explanation of who should take what and why

Feminising hormones are grouped into ranges relating to the strength of the active ingredients with the Enhance Range representing the starter and maintenance products. All of these cost less than £99 making them affordable. Those who desire faster development and stronger formulations can select from increasingly powerful treatments like Climaval.

Easy to take and designed for healthy patients with no history of stomach or digestive problems


Easy to swallow but not suitable for vegans or some religious groups as the capsule shell contains gelatine

More powerful and packed full of very small particles that dissolve at different times providing a constant dose of oestrogen to be delivered over a 24-hour period from just one daily capsule

Cream based hormones belong to a class of ‘transdermal medication’ which are by far the safest medication delivery method and are absorbed through the skin just where applied in just the same way that nicotine patches work

Higher levels of active ingredients are made possible by using gels as the base carrier but they too are classified as ‘transdermal medications’ delivering hormones to specific areas where development is required, the most popular of which is feminine brea


As you would expect the stronger the medication and more complex the delivery method affects the price at which the treatment can be supplied at. Although Medica International is a not-for-profit venture it does have to cover it’s operating costs and fund on-going research and development

If you have read our transsexual founders autobiography (free to read online or download as a PDF) she married a multi-millionaire and does provide an annual subsidy that allows Medica International to operate as a not-for-profit specialist.

Prices shown are the lowest possible & are not discounted but you can make savings if you choose a years supply or a fully inclusive treatment course



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